About the HSX Access Sandbox API

About the HSX Access Sandbox API

The HSX Access Sandbox API is modeled after the HSX production API infrastructure and is an accurate representation of the HSX Access production data and production API infrastructure. Sandbox APIs are not connected to and will not transfer any real personal health information from the health information exchange.

Sandbox API patients are fictitious composites of typical patients.​ Thus, the HSX Access API Sandbox is a fantastic tool to design, innovate and create healthcare-related solutions for the consumer, the caregiver, the provider, the payer, and more!​


Request Access


Direct API
Suite of APIs for sending secure messages to a provider via Direct Secure Messaging, with or without clinical attachments included.

Patient API
Suite of APIs for retrieving clinical data for an individual patient.

Provider API
Suite of APIs for retrieving details on providers and provider organizations within the health information ecosystem.

Subscription API
Suite of APIs for creating and managing panels of patients for whom you wish to receive clinical notifications.