Aron Starosta

Aron Starosta
Acting Program Manager, Access | Vice President, Commercialization & New Ventures, Science Center

Aron Starosta joined HSX to help architect and run the Access Dataline.  The platform supports healthcare-data-based innovation by offering opportunities for new applications, products, and services to easily integrate into medical workflow or personal health. 

Aron has been involved in both healthcare-related and venture-capital (VC)-related endeavors since 1992.  Through faculty appointments at the schools of medicine at New York University and University of Pennsylvania, Aron has seen the drug development process through most of it phases and has been employed as an addiction-domain expert by a number of pharmaceutical companies.  In this latter capacity, Aron worked as a researcher and a national speaker on the development and treatment of medications to treat various forms of addiction, including addiction to opiates and alcohol.  Aron has also served as an independent information technology consultant, working on process management and technology transfer.

In addition, over the past 25+ years, he has provided services as an independent due-diligence expert for VCs, reviewing the technical and commercial investment viability of numerous start-ups.

Currently, Aron is busy building or running several healthcare accelerators on four continents, including the U.S.  Over the last decade, he has been consulted on or run 20+ accelerators. His current clients include large university systems, nonprofit research entities, and multiple $1B+ corporations.  They all use his expertise to build new pathways for innovation and revenue.

Aron completed his bachelor’s degree at McGill University and received dual doctoral degrees in psychology and neuroscience from Temple University.