Partnership Process

Partnership Process

DataLine is the initial phase of a HSX Access partnership. Application for the DataLine should occur after your solution has been developed from integrating with the HSX Access Sandbox. This will ensure your solution is viable to be powered or enhanced by data within the HSX Access Platform.

DataLine members will proceed through the intake process, integrate and develop within the HSX Access Platform with guided insight from HSX Access subject matter experts, and be evaluated. This evaluation will assist in the transition to the ElevatedLine upon graduation from the DataLine program. The DataLine companies will accelerate from prototyping to customer acquisition by graduation from the program.

HSX Access will provide the carefully selected companies with access to the HSX Access sandbox, secure healthcare information infrastructure, professional mentorship, and introductions/networking opportunities with key healthcare stakeholders, investors, and decision-makers within the region.

Subject matter experts in interoperability, data aggregation, data governance, analytics/reporting, and master patient index management will be available to advise technological development. Subject matter experts in the development of relevant healthcare solutions in alignment with current industry needs will also be made available for business development. Other advisors will be on hand to supplement any expertise or operational gaps.

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