HSX Access helps technology partners improve their products and services by connecting them to the historical and real-time data coming through its network. The platform helps technology companies streamline the integration process with hundreds of healthcare entities across the region.

If your company offers solutions that are not listed on this page, please contact Katie Logan ( to discuss your Solutions and Use Cases and how they may fit on the HSX Access platform.

Patient Health Management/Care Coordination & Management

A single source for real-time patient records to support coordination across the entire care team, as well as health management for acute or chronic conditions, mental/behavioral health, etc.

Remote Patient Home Monitoring/Health at Home

Support patient home monitoring programs by providing insight into patients’ healthcare events and encounters for consistent engagement and follow-up with patients and caregivers.

Value-Based Care Panel Tracking

Manage a panel of patients through real-time encounter notifications and long-term care coordination, and patient engagement.

HEDIS Scoring Optimization and Workflow

Streamline and speed up the process for Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs) and health plans to submit quality metrics.

Teamwork and Workflow Management

Improve clinical workflows by extending real-time collaboration within the same digital workspace.

Release of Information

Enable patient-authorized sharing of health information with stakeholders (i.e., clinical trials, life insurance companies, legal authorities, childcare facilities).

Planned Future Capabilities

Patient and Family Engagement

Securely incorporate a patient’s approved family members and/or personal caregivers into the care process with guidance, education and support.

Health Analytics

Validate machine learning algorithms and support health analytics initiatives.